Hosting in UAE

Crypto mining hosting in UAE

In recent years, the United Arab Emirates has emerged as one of the most cryptocurrency-friendly nations, fostering cryptocurrency trading and the advancement of blockchain technology. This evolution was initially spearheaded by Dubai’s ascent as a pivotal blockchain hub on the global stage, and subsequently echoed by Abu Dhabi and other emirates.

The UAE is committing substantial resources and capital to pave the way for the expansion of cryptocurrencies in the coming years. The swift proliferation of cryptocurrency enterprises has brought about a profound shift in the global economy, prompting a surge of investors to establish cryptocurrency mining operations within the UAE.

Crypto Mining Hosting in Abu Dhabi

  • Capacity: 1 MW (expandable if needed).
  • Energy Source: Flare natural gas.
  • Electricity price: 0.24-0.28AED/KWh (~$0.06-0.075 KWh).
  • Installation fee: $75/ miner in Air cooling.
  • Co-managed mining: +$0.002 kWh.
  • Deposit: no deposit, 3 months cycle consumption in advance.
  • Contract term: 12 months initial term.
  • Cooling type: Air cooling.
  • Miner’s type: ASICs only.
  • Security: Private area, alarm and video surveillance 24/7.
  • Insurance: Yes, optional at 5% equipment value.
  • Possibility to import miners from any country, subject to import taxes (10%).
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