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GreenBlock Capital

Cryptocurrency Mining

GreenBlock Mining Capital is a Bitcoin mining company, supporting the Bitcoin blockchain through rapidly expanding large-scale mining in Abu Dhabi. We believe in the future of Bitcoin mining and we focus our efforts on increasing the infrastructure and the mining rate to be the vehicle that leads to success in your operations.

The objective is to democratize mining by opening the possibility to investors so that they can mine Bitcoin. Transforming the global financial ecosystem for a more equitable and sustainable world. At GreenBlock we have studied the market so we know how and where to mine. We also care about the environment as well as the bad image of mining. for energy consumption. From Green Block Capital we guarantee commitment, respect, veracity and transparency.

Founder and CEO

An entrepreneur from a young age, with over a decade of experience in the financial and technological sectors, Luis embarked on business ventures early on. In 2013, he ventured into cryptocurrency investment. He never ceased to manage his own enterprises, and now, armed with extensive expertise in both the business and technological realms, he established GreenBlock Capital. The aim was to ensure cryptocurrency mining based on clean energy sources, with the overarching goal of creating a sustainable business where the vast majority of the benefits accrued are directed towards the customer.


Roberto brings extensive operational experience to the team, having managed large-scale projects in the energy and mining industries. As COO, Roberto is responsible for ensuring the smooth and efficient running of our mining operations.

Our technical team provides support to ensure that our customers’ equipment, investments and profits run smoothly. Simultaneously, our worldwide sales team ensures that our brand and all our services and products are recognized among new investors to further expand our social mission. Both teams are constantly evolving to improve day by day to satisfy our customers around the world.

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