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Dollar cost average
This term means to buy constantly an asset without care about its price, knowing that it will have an exponential growth in the middle term.
Mining is the best way to earn passively profits in bitcoins day by day with GreenBlock mining capital you can access to this business with the best conditions.
Key points
Turn key, you don’t have to make anything, just send your wallet or bank account to receive your profits. (daily or weekly)
Low electricity price, our site is in Abu Dhabi with a special rate with the government we can offer the lowest price of electricity ($0.067 / $0.075/kw)
Best conditions
We have our technicians on the site, the best cooler system and the repair shop all in the data Center.

Mining crypto has never been more accessible

View our brief introductory video to learn more about our company. Our goal is to provide top-tier hosting services for crypto and Bitcoin mining, catering to a wide range of users.

START mining today – How it works?

1. Choose your miner

Select the mining hardware that suits your needs best. Utilize our calculator to project a 5-year return plan for each of the most current Bitcoin miners, and model potential net earnings through various strategies.

2. Buy in our Shop

Purchase a miner and opt for the optimal cryptocurrency mining hosting service for its operation. Alternatively, we can dispatch it to your specified location. Payment can be made in EUR, USD, or cryptocurrency. If you possess miner(s) already and wish for us to host them, contact us.

3. Wait for shipment

Expect a 2-3 week duration for the transit period before receiving the Bitcoin miners. Upon their arrival, we conduct an initial inspection, perform the installation, and configure all necessary components on your behalf. Additionally, we provide the option of pre-installed or in-stock miners that eliminate transit time. For further details, please visit our shop section.

4. Mine in our Datacenter

Your chosen crypto mining hosting facility will handle the operation of the miners with complete transparency. This includes continuous 24/7 monitoring and maintenance. You will have real-time access to a Watcher-Link, enabling you to monitor your mining performance at any time via the web or, in the near future, through our upcoming mobile app.

5. Get paid in Bitcoin

Obtain your earned Bitcoins directly into your wallet or, in the near future, through our forthcoming mobile app. Our service provides options to cover mining expenses, either through automatic deductions or monthly invoicing. You can convert your earnings to USD/EUR whenever you prefer using our exchange service, and soon, you’ll have the convenience of utilizing our Debit Card service.

6. Receive or sell your miner

Upon the conclusion of the contract, you’ll have two choices: you can opt to have your miners delivered to a designated address, or we can assist you in selling them. We’ll present you with an offer, or if you prefer, we’ll list them for sale in our shop section.

Crypto Miners Bestsellers

Cryptocurrency Mining Hosting Solutions


With a global and resilient team and network, we possess the capability to adapt and address shifts in our operational environment swiftly, ensuring effective problem-solving.

Clean Energy

Our objective is to contribute to the emerging paradigm shift by exclusively utilizing clean energy sources for the mining of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

You Keep Control

You have real-time access to a Watcher-Link, enabling you to monitor your mining performance via the web at any time. Furthermore, we have an on-site repair room to promptly address any maintenance needs.

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Our Mission

GreenBlock Mining Capital, a registered company based in Abu Dhabi, specializes in Bitcoin Mining Operations. Beyond our core mining operations, we have initiated a program aimed at extending our social mission to democratize Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency mining. This initiative is achieved by utilizing our industry expertise and strategic positioning, aided by an extensive partner network offering affordable and eco-friendly energy solutions—just like you!

Irrespective of whether you plan to operate a single miner or a mining farm exceeding 10MW, you now have the opportunity to participate in the decentralized Bitcoin network, enhance your autonomy and personal sovereignty, and start receiving Bitcoin earnings right from the outset. Procuring and managing your miners within a crypto-friendly jurisdiction from the comfort of your own residence has never been more accessible. From equipment setup to daily mining operations, we handle all aspects to optimize your investment returns.

Go for it.

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